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Mark Cuban’s “CyberDust” App: Texting with Privacy


If I could get all of my friends to use one single app, it would be CyberDust. This app was launched by renowned Billionaire Mark Cuban, because he too understood that there is no privacy anymore, even in the simplest forms of communication. 

CyberDust is like the SnapChat of text messaging. You can text your friends and those messages aren’t stored, retained, or saved by any single person or institution. Send a text message and watch it disappear in 30 seconds after it is read, never to be seen again.


Mark Cuban told Fox News that he was inspired to create this app when the FCC challenged him over insider trading allegations. He says that as part of the accusation, the agency put old emails and messages that he sent into the completely wrong context.

“Cameras everywhere and people recording you. You never know. And part three is in texting. The minute you hit send, you lose complete control of that text, “ he told an interviewer at Fox Business Networks.

The brilliant entrepreneur says it best, “I want everybody to be able to shrink their digital footprint and take control of it.”




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No Cable Box, No Cable Bill, No Problem! ….Or Supreme Court’s Problem?


Aereo is a new company that streams broadcast television over the internet to cities around the world. FOX, ABC, MTV, you name it, coming from your computer at an extremely low charge – like, $8 a month kinda low. How it works? Aereo uses tiny remote antennas to capture broadcast TV signals and store them in the cloud, where we as consumers can watch them on any device we choose. No cable box, no TV, no cable bill, no problem.. So they thought.

Broadcasters, unfortunately are not behind it; they argue that Aereo is infringing on their copyrights. Aereo disagrees, and argues that there is no difference between its service and having your own antenna to watch free TV.

This Tuesday, April 22, the NYC based startup faces just about every major network broadcaster (including ABC, CBS, Fox, PBS, Telemundo) in a hearing in front of the United States Supreme Court.

Now you might say, ‘Who cares about this?’ But this case is arguable the most important case to hit the television industry since the 80’s when Sony legalized home video-recordings. This case will shape how broadcast television will be offered online in the future whether Aereo wins or not.

Who will win? If Aereo loses, their company is over for good. But if they win, which they do have a chance – the broadcasted TV that we’ve known for years could change drastically (and I sure as hell will be getting rid of my Comcast bill).

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Google Buys a Drone Company.. What Now?


The Wall Street Journal has just confirmed that Google has acquired Titan Aerospace, a drone company that even Facebook was keeping their eyes on. The skies of our future will be buzzing with these drones, but what can that Star Trek thing even do? Drones run on GPS signals and can stay in the air for up to five years. It’s almost like Google having their own satellites. They collect high-resolution images of the Earth in real-time and can support voice and data services — which will bring much faster updates and more efficient use of Google Maps to see the world..    I know, creepy!

But it is said that this acquisition will work closely with another one of their companies: Project Loon. Project Loon is working to launch a network of balloons into the air to broadcast internet signals around the world. BALLOON POWERED INTERNET- WHAT!?

Google’s long-term goal is really to improve internet and use data to help tackle global issues all over. Collecting our data isn’t totally cool, but flying WiFi is.


HBO has won over my Heart.

So much has happened since I last blogged. So much so that I don’t even know what to blog about. Facebook bought WhatsApp, Sochi Puns have gone mad, there are riots everywhere, and the taco shop below me blew up in smoke causing the fire alarm to awake me this morning from my Friday Morning bliss. SO, I want to direct my attention today to something I am most excited about coming to television. This new HBO series will really take up a lot of my time in the next few months, who cares about a boyfriend.

This Silicon Valley series looks brilliant. It is for us geeks of the digital era. The Young Steve Jobs’ who aspire to change the world using technology while everyone else gets drowned in it. They have a very clear target audience with this show and it’s funny because their target audience doesn’t really watch TV (we live on the interweb), but it is so sure to catch our attention. This isn’t an HBO series staring famous actors trying to portray false lives. Their characters are much more believable and their problems are relative. I cannot express how much time my teammates and I spent on arguing about a LOGO; Or how much we worry about someone taking 10% equity in our company. Innovation at its finest, you go HBO.

RIP Brick & Mortar. Ecommerce Comes Out on Top.

Retail companies are turning away from traditional store locations and plunging everything they’ve got  into online retail. Companies such as Urban Outfitters are seeing a dramatic increase in online revenues causing them to be like, ‘Wow, screw this Mortgage on that storefront.’ Urban Outfitters is a perfect example of this as they are cutting down all their brick + mortar stores. With 1/4 of their $2.5 billion in revenue coming from online sales, the company has decided they will never buy a cash register again!

With growing internet usage, e-commerce has become one of the most popular shopping channels worldwide. In 2013, sales reached $47.5 Billion just in Q3 (comScore), up 13% from last year. That explains why new online retail companies are popping up all over the place. Not to mention, mobile sales online are growing at an exponential rate as well – I mean, who doesn’t want to buy a pair of shoes while eating a burrito on their lunch-break?

But, what I want to make as a point here is, who is going to do it best? What eCommerce outlet is going to flush everyone down the drain. There needs to be an innovative experience that makes a statement, and personally I’m waiting for that. I want an app to already know what shoes I want, what styles, and what color I don’t already have in my wardrobe. Customization features are arising in ecommerce, and technology can almost read our minds now, so I am eager to see the breakthroughs eCommerce will come up with these upcoming years.